J E N N I F E R   R U D E   K L E T T

Midwestern freelance writer of history, home, garden, travel & food 

About Jennifer

Native Wisconsinite Jennifer Rude Klett is a freelance nonfiction writer and photojournalist for print and digital publications covering topics such as history, home & garden, travel, food, and life in Midwestern U.S.A. She is a journalism graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and former newspaper reporter. Jennifer's new cookbook, Home Cooking Comeback: Neighborly Advice & 40 Pleasing Recipes from the Farm Kitchen of a Midwestern Food Journalist was released in fall 2021 and available on amazon.com in paperback, hardcover, and ebook. She is also the author of Alamo Doughboy: Marching Into The Heart Of Kaiser's Germany During World War I, first published in 2014 by Branden Books. The current second edition of Alamo Doughboy published in 2019, available on amazon.com. 


12 Fun Facts About Jennifer:

  • I was born and lived all but three years of my life in Wisconsin; raised in the 'burbs but now live on a farm.
  • I am tall and come from other tall people . . . the only girl with a bunch of tall brothers.
  • I love to cook, bake and plant things especially burr oak trees, the greatest tree on God's green Earth.
  • I appreciate and subscribe to many print newspapers and magazines. I surround myself with books.
  • I mill my own flour at home. I also make cheese.
  • I eat cheese every day. Usually, more than once a day.
  • In my opinion, beagles are the cutest dogs and marmalades are the cutest cats. 
  • I believe you can solve most of your problems at church, the library, and the hardware store.
  • I think history is important because it provides a sense of context. Traveling does that, too.
  • I have slumber parties every year with girlfriends I've known since high school.
  • I am drawn to simplicity and functionality.
  • I am a serial redecorator.