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Jennifer Rude Klett

World War I Nonfiction Book:

Second Edition Now Available


Marching Into The Heart Of Kaiser's Germany 

During World War I 

by Jennifer Rude Klett


The 2019 second edition is now available at Amazon.com:

Paperback book $19.95

Kindle ebook $12.95 

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Upcoming Appearances:

"Food, Cooking & Fun"

As a journalist, Jennifer will share what she has learned about food to help you eat better, reduce spending, and waste less food. She has researched and written on diverse food topics such as popcorn, local Wisconsin foods, cheese, bison, family-owned grocers, cooking for one, milk, vanilla, butter, grass-fed food, bulk bins, heritage grains & pork, butcher shops, breakfast cereal, organic food, and sugar. Jennifer appreciates simplicity when cooking and writes her articles to help consumers make wise, satisfying choices with their food dollars while featuring small, local farmers. Find out what Jennifer scrimps on . . . and what she splurges on when cooking. Favorite recipes will be shared.

This program is open to members only.

Monday 9 March 2020 

Twentieth Century Topics Club 12:00 Luncheon

First Congregational Church

1511 Church Street 

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin


Press Awards:

Milwaukee Press Club Excellence 

in Wisconsin Journalism Contest

10 May 2019

Best Consumer Story or Series


Hog Wild for Heritage Pork

by Jennifer Rude Klett

Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Press Club Excellence in Wisconsin Journalism Contest

11 May 2018

Best Short Soft Feature Story


Home on the Range: Bison a Sweet Business, and Meat, in Wisconsin

by Jennifer Rude Klett

Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Press Club Excellence in Wisconsin Journalism Contest

12 May 2017

Best Short Feature Story



Heritage Wheat: Farmer Cultivates Old-Fashioned Taste

by Jennifer Rude Klett

Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel